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The Mirmar product range includes only Tier 1 solar panels. Tier 1 solar panels have proven to be a cost-effective combination of reliability and price. Our product range includes products from manufacturers labeled as flagships of solar panels. What does TIER 1 mean? Tier 1 solar panels are built to higher standards (to last longer and produce plenty of solar energy) and have a highly regarded reputation in the solar industry for quality and service, so you can expect TIER 1 manufacturers to honor their product warranties.


GSE In-Roof system is an universal mounting system for roof-integrated photovoltaic panels with 10 year experiences. Designed and manufactured in France, the GSE IN-ROOF SYSTEM is certified by various European bodies. Reliable and resistant, it has been designed to offer the same resistance and longevity as normal roof coverings like tiles, slates or zinc. Resistance to fire. Completely waterproof: ensures complete watertightness of the PV system and the roof. Also, it has optimal ventilation and impact resistance.


Solar panels can be effectively used for erecting full PV roof, be it a renovation or a new-build project. 350+ W standard-size modules are fitted with innovative framing, which renders regular solar panels into weatherproof roofing system. Non-active modules can be utilized in the perimeter or areas with permanent shading (incl. transition to dormers, chimneys, ventilation outlets etc). Active and non-active modules blend naturally with the overall concept of a modern solar roof. Special transition flashings are available to accommodate regular roofing material if passive aluminum modules are not the first choice. Solarstone Solar Full Roof is one of the most affordable 2-in-1 solar solutions on the market.


Solarstone building-integrated modules for tiled roofs interlock with any concrete or clay tile. Solar tiled roof combine solar and roofing functionality into one perfect system. 2 different size and output modules (90W & 108W) are available to match with a comprehensive selection of tiles available on the market. 6 roof tiles are replaced by 1 solar module with a guaranteed seamless transition. Elegant and sleek design of the solar modules complements your home’s natural design.


A solar carport is a structure that generates electricity through the use of solar panels. It can be used to produce electricity for self-consumption, charge electric vehicles, and sell surplus energy back to the grid – this way the carport pays for itself. Solarstone's building-integrated solar panels ensure resource efficiency, a pleasing appearance, and water-tightness. Solar Carports are equipped with the latest components of the photovoltaic (PV) industry and have passed safety tests.


Solar inverters convert solar DC power to AC power. These simple grid-connected (grid-tie) inverters use one or more strings of solar panels and are the most common type of inverter used around the world. Hybrid inverters sometimes referred to as battery ready inverters, combine a solar and battery inverter together in one simple unit. These inverters are becoming more competitive against solar inverters as hybrid technology advances and batteries become cheaper. Hybrid inverters are the most cost-effective way to add batteries, but generally have limited backup power capability and usually have a small delay when switching to backup mode during a blackout. Hybrid solar systems enable you to store solar energy and use it when you're home during the evening when the cost of electricity is typically at the peak rate.

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