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Product advantages:

  • Various operational modes for optimal performance
  • Off-grid output can be connected to unbalanced load, three-phase separate output is supported
  • Up to 2 MPPTs, allowing a flexible configuration Multiple parallel systems, more flexible system solutions Maximum two battery inputs
  • Fully digital operation, enabling higher control accuracy


This high voltage battery is compatible with a wide range of inverters on the market and it’s even possible to connect two systems in parallel for a total of 30kWh.

The Huawei LUNA2000 solar battery has a modular design with 5kWh battery modules, up to 3 battery modules can be stacked for each system to create a 5, 10 and 15kWh system.

The compact and elegant design makes the system one of the most aesthetically pleasing batteries available.

HUAWEI LUNA datasheet

About Huawei Fusion Solar

Huawei has a reputation as a leader in communication & mobile technology. The company ranks 44th on the Global Fortune 500 list and has a staggering team of 100,000+ employees dedicated to R&D.

Huawei is also a global powerhouse when it comes to solar technology. According to reports, Huawei was ranked #1 in global inverter shipments for 6 consecutive years (2015 – 2020) Huawei is a global leader in solar inverters and solar batteries with one of the lowest failure rates and greatest research and devleopment teams.

  • Single Phase and Three Phase solutions
  • Back up and black start capabilities
  • Module protection with parralel battery module installation
  • 100% Depth of discharge
  • Simultaneously provides full AC power and DC power requirements
  • Built in Arc protection
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate cell chemistry
  • Faulty pack auto isolation
  • DC and AC coupled solutions
  • One App to monitor everything
  • Advanced cooling system
  • Low failure rates

The Huawei Luna battery system only works with Huawei inverters:

Huawei SmartMeter (a current meter that can communicate with the inverter) is required.

The Huawei Luna system can be installed if the inverter is up to 10 kW (inclusive).

System accessories:

  • SmartMeter
  • Control module
  • 5 kW battery module
  • Wall or floor mounting
  • Back-up box for three-phase inverter



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