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A solar carport is a structure that generates electricity through the use of solar panels. It can be used to produce electricity for self-consumption, charge electric vehicles, and sell surplus energy back to the grid – this way the carport pays for itself. Solarstone’s building-integrated solar panels ensure resource efficiency, a pleasing appearance, and water-tightness. Solar Carports are equipped with the latest components of the photovoltaic (PV) industry and have passed safety tests.

Self-produced renewable energy is the cheapest form of energy. By adding another functionality to your otherwise empty parking space, you can ensure partial energy independence and protection for your vehicle. Solarstone’s Click-on technology enables high productivity with 390 W solar panels, even on a small roof surface. Solar Carport will generate electricity for at least 25 years thanks to the durability of the panels and the steel structure. Designed with durability in mind, the Solar Carport is precisely engineered to withstand the harsh Nordic climatic conditions. Made of high-quality galvanized and painted steel, it’s waterproof, stormproof, and can handle snow loads of up to 220 kg/m2.

For optimal gains, it is recommended to connect the carport to the power grid. This allows you to use surplus energy for self-consumption or charge your electric car at any time of day. You can also make a simple modification on your phone to charge your car with solar energy only, without purchasing additional electricity from the grid.



A solar carport provides shade for vehicles and reduces electricity and maintenance costs associated with bad weather. If you own an electric car, it is worth adding a Solarstone 22 kW integrated EV charger – in doing so you will be leading the way to 100% sustainability!

The energy produced by the carport can be used to power household appliances and can be sold to the grid.

One carport will accommodate two cars and has a 6 kW solar roof which will produce approximately 5400 kWh per year.

The carport’s sides can be clad with timber boards or plexiglass to provide even more protection against the weather conditions.

With the Solar Carport, you can reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint at the same time.


  • Protects cars from direct sunlight
  • Provides protection from the weather
  • Offers functionality similar to that of a garage
  • Electric car charging option – do so economically and using renewable energy
  • Less dependence on fluctuations in electricity prices


  • Width: 5600 mm
  • Depth: 5200 mm
  • Height (lower end): 2051 mm
  • Height (higher end): 3430 mm


The purpose behind building a solar carport in apartment building car parks is to ensure a supply of renewable energy for the building and its residents’ electric vehicles. Energy demand and the load on the grid will increase due to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, which will require more and more charging points.

All new and fully renovated residential buildings in the EU with more than 10 parking spaces must be equipped with the appropriate wiring for a charging point in each parking space.

For apartments, Solarstone offers solar carports with one position (two parking spaces) and a total of 6 kWp per position, which will produce approximately 5400 kWh per year. Positions can be added as needed. An optional feature is a 22 kW integrated EV charger.



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